Cheap Oil Change San Antonio Tx

Cheap Oil Change San Antonio Tx

Three thousand miles is the magic number when enquiring on how often you should change your oil. This number, like most things in life, is controversial and rightfully debatable. Some hike the number to five thousand miles while others do not believe in any actual figure required for one to consider an oil change. While we recommend top-notch engine maintenance, we understand that one may try to figure out a top to bottom explanation that explains what goes into determining a viable need to change the oil.

What determines the frequency of an oil change?

The age of the car

  • Older cars typically require more vigorous maintenance. They may need an oil change after short trips, in extremely hot or cold environments, and on dusty roads.
  • Newer cars have an automatic notification on when to change the oil. The engine will process heavy duties by shortening the interval of an oil change. It is essential to reset the system after every oil change by following the car’s manual or consulting your technician.

The vehicle's warranty

The frequency of an oil change tends to be limited when the car is under warranty. In case the car needs a mandatory oil change, it is wise to keep the receipts so as not to void the warranty. An expired warranty expands your options. The actual frequency narrows down to the type of oil change you use.

The car’s designated tasks

Heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks will require more oil changes. A running and idle engine that consumes a gallon of gas equate to 30 miles of driving. Hence one has to include all hours of a running engine.

What can you expect from our oil changing services?

Cheap Oil Change San Antonio TX is available in with these options.

  • A fundamental oil change adheres to the 3000 miles threshold. It is a safe and accessible option for most of our clients.
  • A synthetic oil change is about every 5000 to 7000 miles. It propels the car to have economical fuel consumption and boost the horsepower.
  • A high mileage oil change is suitable for cars with at least 75,000 miles. The formulation includes antioxidants, friction enhancers, seal swells, and conditioners.
  • Go Green oil change uses extra refined oil that supersedes the regular refined oil. Cheap Oil Change San Antonio TX is an innovative program by Econo Lube N’ Tube & Brakes towards enhancing a cleaner environment.

Econo Lube N’ Tube & Brakes is more than half a century old. It is renowned for providing fast and trustworthy solutions to clients in San Antonio and curious clients outside the borders. The most impressive tidbit about our technicians is that they have a focus to provide answers without trying to buy you into purchasing other services.

It is wise to find an auto repair shop that encompasses all technical services before your car needs an emergency repair. Reach us to schedule a consultation or appointment for your brakes, tune-up, cooling system, radiator, air filter, and engine. We also look at your transmission, wiper blades, power steering, and state inspections.

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