Cheap Oil Change San Antonio

Cheap Oil Change San Antonio

Your vehicle requires the best aftercare service to boost performance and prolong its life. While there are many service centers that offer maintenance services such tune-up, brake service, and cheap oil change in San Antonio, only us at Econo Lube N’Tune & Break is backed with decades of experience. Since our establishment in 1973, our shop is relied upon for high-quality and expert maintenance and customer services.

What is an Oil Change?

An oil change is essentially the process of replacing your old motor oil with fresh oil. It is one of the most basic aspects of vehicle maintenance. As you know, motor oil is important to ensure that your car’s mechanisms are operating properly. However, as time passes the oil thickens and becomes almost like sludge and eventually causes engine trouble. Before this happens, your car needs an oil change.

What Happens if You Go Too Long Without an Oil Change?

Most car owners abide by the 3,000-mile oil change rule, which means your car needs an oil change every 3.000 miles. If you go too long without changing your oil, your vehicle will start having numerous mechanical issues.

Remember that the motor oil’s primary job is to lubricate the various engine components so that they will operate effectively. As the oil circulates, it accumulates dirt from the engine until it becomes too dirty that it can no longer carry out its lubricating function. As a result, the car engine will run less efficiently as the components deteriorate because of the dirty oil.

The longer you fail to change the oil, the more serious the problem that you will encounter. Eventually, your car’s engine will shut down and you would not have any recourse but to spend expensive dollars for repair or replacement.

Why is Oil Change Important?

In general, a regular oil change is essential to ensure your car’s good condition. Specifically, this process is important for the following reasons:

  • To sustain proper engine lubrication
  • To prevent over-heating of the engine
  • To keep the engine clean
  • To boost gas mileage

Save Money and the Environment with Re-Refined Oil

If you are looking for expertly done yet cheap oil change in San Antonio, we have the best option for you – the use of re-refined oil. Do not worry because using re-refined oil for an oil change will essentially produce the same results as when you use oil from virgin base stock. Opting to use re-refined engine oil will not cause any harm to your car motor or negatively affect your vehicle’s warranty.

Apart from helping you save valuable dollars, you are also helping the environment by using re-refined oil. The carbon footprint of this type of engine oil is much lower than those emitted by virgin crude oil and its use also eliminates the risk of causing harm to the natural environment.

If you are planning for an oil change, make sure to rely on us at Econo Lube N’Tune &Brake. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced technicians is committed to providing outstanding and affordable oil change and other car maintenance services. Get in touch with us today and experience our remarkable customer service.

Cheap Oil Change San Antonio
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